• Feedmee

    What is THE best way customers can truly help their local restaurants? Order and pay online and go pick up the food. Maximum revenue and margin for restaurants. AND THEY SURE NEED OUR HELP!!!


    Feedmee is ZERO commission online ordering and payment with e-commerce payments via Stripe. It started as a service for restaurants however it's suitable for any vendor wanting to sell online for pickup or delivery.

  • Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

    Don't Pay Exorbitant Commissions

    Restaurant and cafe owners work too hard to give away 20% or more commission to the companies that offer your menu for takeaway. That's why SEVENmile Venture Lab, a registered charity, based in Sydney, Australia has created Feedmee.


    Feedmee is available to any restaurant, anywhere in the world for $375* for the first year with zero commissions. Connect your Stripe account so all funds go straight into your bank account.


    Here are examples of Feedmee restaurant websites in Manly Australia: Belgrave Cartel, A Touch of Europe Bakehouse and PureWholefoods


    * we pay $150 per annum for website hosting and budget 3 hours @ $75/hr for our time to set up your website. We can have your menu online in 48 hours and then you'll have full access to make changes and updates as often as you like.


    We offer additional services at $75/hour to assist non-technical owners who prefer to focus on their kitchen and serving customers.

  • Services

    a range of services to ensure customer orders flow

    Website Setup

    Create the store, load the menus, Stripe for payments


    Google Adwords Customization

    Customize Google Adwords for each restaurant


    Welcome Video

    Personally intro your restaurant and your passion for great food


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